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Implantology refers to the various surgical techniques used to replace a root with an implant. This procedure is one of many dental restoration options.

The role of the implant

An implant is a medical device anchored to the jawbone. It substitutes a missing root, serving as an intermediary between the bone and the replacement tooth. An implant can support a single crown or a partial or full prosthesis (permanent or removable).

Advantages of implantology:

  • Restore chewing function
  • Improve speech
  • Maintain bone mass
  • Avoid premature ageing of the face
  • Prevent other teeth from moving toward the empty space
  • More beautiful smile
  • Improve overall health (self-esteem, no food restrictions)


The implant is made of titanium, an inert, very solid and long-lasting material. This option is usually proposed to patients missing one or several teeth.

For this procedure, you must have good overall health, healthy gums and sufficient bone mass. An in-depth examination and x-rays can determine if you’re eligible for this procedure.

Should your jawbone have thinned out, a bone graft may be needed before the implants can be installed.

After the procedure, follow-up examinations and regular check-ups will be required.

IMPORTANT: please note that at this moment we place the crown or bridge over implants, but we refer you to a specialist to put the implant

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