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Modern dentistry + State-of-the-art technology

Inlays are used to reconstitute a heavily-damaged tooth. For example, an inlay can be used in lieu of a very large filling or if the tooth is fractured. It can also be used instead of resin- or amalgam-based repairs.

Inlays and dental technology

Thanks to CEREC technology, a ceramic inlay can be designed and produced in just one appointment. Using a digital impression of your tooth and computer-assisted design, the restoration is designed in 3D and sent to the dental clinic’s milling station. In just a few minutes, the restoration is ready to be installed.

This type of inlay is very solid and durable, in addition to being biocompatible.

Advantages of inlays:

  • Superior durability when compared to amalgam fillings
  • Esthetic results
  • Solid and precise restoration
  • Gives the tooth 90% of its original strength back
  • Keeps most of your natural tooth healthy

Gold can also be used. Although the result won’t be as esthetic, gold is very strong and long-lasting