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Modern dentistry + State-of-the-art technology

A truly notable technological advance, the VELscope is an essential tool. Patented and developed in collaboration with the British Columbia Cancer Agency and the MD Anderson Cancer Center (USA), the VELscope detects malignant lesions present in squamous cells in the mouth and pharynx.

An extra- and intra-oral examination is performed during your regular dental check-up. During the examination, this tool can help diagnose oral cancer early, as well as other diseases (e.g. viral, bacterial or fungal infections).

What is a VELscope?

The VELscope uses a bluish fluorescent light to reveal cancerous and pre-cancerous cells under the surface of soft tissue. Healthy areas reflect the light, while areas of concern appear as dark masses.


  • Early detection of malignant lesions
  • Detection of abnormalities otherwise invisible to the naked eye
  • Can increase a person’s survival rate thanks to early treatment
  • Quick, painless and non-invasive procedure

The VELscope can be used to examine the floor of the mouth, tongue, palate, inside cheeks, gums and lips. Smoking, excessive drinking and heredity are some of the main risk factors in developing oral cancer.