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To replace one or several missing teeth, a dental bridge is a quick, durable solution.

What is a bridge?

A bridge is a permanent dental prosthesis made up of an artificial tooth (pontic) secured between two crowns. The crowns are attached to adjacent teeth so that the pontic fills the empty space.

It can replace one or several teeth, as long as the teeth supporting the crowns are healthy.

Bridges can be ceramic-metal, all-ceramic or composite resin.

Installing a bridge:

  1. The supporting teeth are prepped
  2. Digital impressions are taken for a custom-made, single-piece prosthesis
  3. A temporary bridge is installed
  4. The permanent bridge is installed

Two appointments are usually needed for this procedure. However, with CEREC technology, some ceramic bridges can be designed, produced and installed in just one appointment.

Why should a missing tooth be replaced?

  • For improved chewing and speech
  • For a more beautiful smile
  • Bone density is maintained
  • The other teeth won’t migrate toward the empty space
  • To restore supporting teeth that have undergone significant repairs and look unsightly