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Group 3 Appointment

Modern dentistry + State-of-the-art technology

Mixing sports and work has become increasingly popular. To avoid breaking or chipping a tooth, and to keep your smile looking great, don’t compromise on the quality of your mouthguard.

Make sure every structure of your mouth is protected

  • Teeth
  • Jaw (soft tissue)
  • Lips
  • Inside cheeks
  • Tongue

A personalized mouthguard provides adapted protection

All mouthguards don’t offer the same level of protection. A custom-made device provides the highest level of protection because the dentist makes it using a 3D model of your teeth. And, because the device is pressure-moulded, it will perfectly fit over your teeth.


  • Optimal protection of your mouth’s structures
  • Stability and comfort
  • Won’t affect your breathing or speech
  • Can be adapted to an orthodontic device
  • Can be reinforced in some spots depending on the type of sports you play
  • Can be personalized (colour, logo)

Quebec’s Order of Dentists (ODQ) recommends wearing a mouthguard whether you’re just in training or taking part in a competition. And, boxing, hockey and football aren’t the only sports where a mouthguard should be used. Martial arts, skiing, weightlifting, squash and gymnastics could all lead to a mouth injury.

Dr Malouf is very gentle. I have been his patient for many years now, and I have never been disappointed. His staff is very professional, and always on schedule. I highly recommend him.

Marie-Hélène A.